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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

saga of the magic crayon

Ming and I dyed eggs--the day before Easter, we bought a Paas egg dying kit.  But it was missing my favorite component!  The magic crayon!

I was so disappointed.  I tried calling the company on Easter, but they were closed.  So I messaged them instead on their website.

The person who messaged me back had no light to shed.  It was a form letter.  I want to know--did all the Paas egg dying kits go out without magic crayons?  Was this a Las Vegas thing?  Does it just happen every so often?

She asked what I wanted.  She offered a coupon for a free cake decorating product.  She offered me a refund.  She offered me a replacement.  I said I just wanted the crayon.

Then today, Ming brought the mail upstairs to me, and I was so excited when I felt what was in the envelope! 

But alas, it lacked the protective blue paper wrapper and was broken.


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