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Monday, May 12, 2014

vegan garlic lover's pasta

This morning we were at the co-op.  I thought about getting some garlic lover's pasta from the deli, but I thought I could make it.  So we came home, and I made it.  It was so easy and is so good.

about a quarter pound of pasta
a few cloves garlic
about a quarter cup frozen peas
about a quarter tsp granulated garlic

Cook the pasta, drain it, and rinse with cold water.  Put in about half a cup vegenaise and some salt--mix.  Cook the peas and add them too.  Add a little pepper and the granulated garlic.  Put the raw garlic through a press and mix that in.  Chill and enjoy or eat it right away warm.

Of course you can make more than this, and I would advise it, but that was how much pasta I had.


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