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Friday, May 16, 2014

earth day every day

This morning we walked to the co-op for soft foods.  I got some delicious hummus in a cute paper container with a plastic lid. 

As we walked home, I said we should do more for the earth.  I suggested we bring our own mason jar to the co-op for when we buy olives from the olive bar.

Then we went to McKinley park and walked more.  My mouth where the tooth was pulled throbs a little while I walk, but I think that's okay. 

We went to the bank, got gas, went to the post office and bought stamps, went to home depot so Ming could buy three clean boxes. 

Yesterday as the numbing wore off, Ming and I played cards.  We hadn't played in a long time.  And listened to Joanna Newsom. 

I really have nothing to report other than my painlessness.  At least the recovery is turning out easier than I imagined.


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