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Monday, July 14, 2014

follow through

I have a pattern of getting up in the middle of the night lately.  Maybe it has to do with the heat. 

Yesterday we were in SF.  It was a sunny day there.  It got very hot here and is supposed to hit 106 today.  I foresee being cooped up with the ac blasting on me.

Yesterday at Rainbow Grocery we bought some dino egg plums.  We also bought some dark chocolate with peanutbutter mixed in.  It was awesome from the bulk bins but expensive.

There were a lot of places outside that smelled like pee.  The city is so dirty.  I always think, "The gritty city."  I couldn't live there.  But to many people, it's life.

I think we need to run the ac all day and rack up a huge electric bill.

I'm sorry to talk about the weather so much.  Maybe I should stop.  But when it's extreme, it takes up so much of my energy.

Yesterday I was talking to someone who says it's easy to start blogs and then forget about them.  She also said she's started three zines and not finished any of them.  I think I am the opposite of her when it comes to follow through.

"Maybe to my detriment," I said.

"How do you know when a zine is done?" she asked.  She's an artist.  "Do you just know?"


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