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Sunday, July 20, 2014

rainbow tiedye backpack

This morning we went to Target so I could get a new backpack.  I had two: a red one and a blue one.  The blue one the lining is coming off and sprinkling little gray particles into all my stuff, which is annoying.  The red one the main compartment's zipper is broken.

So Ming bought me this rainbow tiedye backpack!  It's wonderful.  I need to transfer stuff into it.

Then we went to the farmers market and bought a ton of fruit and a little veg.  Just a dollar's worth of Brussels sprouts.

Then we came home and I have enchiladas in the oven but only four.  And rice on the stove, and I'll heat up a can of beans.  Listening to this cd I made for a friend before I send it.


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