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Sunday, May 03, 2015

party like it's 1999

Later I found two forgotten tickets in my pocket.  So we went back to St James and bought some cookies.  I got peanutbutter while Ming got oatmeal raisin.

Then we went to a party--it was at the house of a friendly couple Ming and I know through NDE.  We met some characters there, including an old French woman who spoke quietly in the loud room, a weaver who makes art dolls and gave us her business card, a woman who said she wasn't smart but had good ideas.*  We stayed a couple hours and ate a lot of sugar.  We left when some obnoxious drunk people got too loud.

*She said to fill a water bottle halfway and freeze it, then add water to that and your water will be cold for hours.  And she said to always bring water with you wherever you go and keep a case in your car for emergencies, never to get caught without water.

I've noticed hollyhocks around town.  Maybe they like the heat.  I'm afraid we're missing tomato time.

"When are you supposed to plant them?" I asked Ming.

"R's already got two tomatoes in the backyard," Ming said.


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