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Monday, May 18, 2015


Yesterday afternoon Ming went to a vegan sushi making class (raw too--they use sprouted quinoa for the rice) and I went to the library.  I hung out for an hour then went to this taiko concert.  It was wonderful.  First the taiko kids performed.  Then the grown ups.

I was comfortable, but then people came in late and my row filled up.  I was smooshed next to a stranger and very annoyed.  I left at intermission.

I liked the drumming very much, and one song even had a dancer.  She had a red fan she would gesture with then flick open at a dramatic moment.

We are supposed to have a party at 1, but the guest of honor might be sick so it might be canceled.

I'm thinking of making a ramen noodle salad for Food Not Bombs today.  I would need to buy green onions.  I have some sesame dressing already and the case of noodles the houseguest left.


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