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Saturday, June 06, 2015

peanut butter shake

We played cards again, this time with Ming, and didn't make it to 250 even.  Mom had 215 when we called it a day.

I saw my bestie yesterday.  We went to El Pueblito and had chile rellenos.  We went to the park and walked around the ponds a little and talked.  We went looking for a peanut butter shake.  Natural Cafe doesn't have them anymore, but I got one at Blenders by ordering peanut butter banana without the banana.  It was a good quest.

Have I told you about my parents' dog Buddy?  He's a half-lab, half-pitbull.  He has an anxiety problem.  He barks at me and Ming.

My parents are talking about who else in our family is a pain in the butt.  "I'm easygoing," I claimed.

"Do you want another cuppa?" Dad asked Mom.

"I'll have a Constant Comment," Mom said, which is my fav.

"I'll give you a constant comment," Dad said.  "You're a pain in the butt too."


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