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Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Today we needed to return some cuphooks and buy some smoke detectors.  So we went to the hardware store then a different hardware store.  I went to the dollar store and accidentally bought about a 20 year supply of hair things.  Ponytail holders.  I went a little crazy, I guess because they're only a dollar.  Oops.

Today we're going to an El Salvadorian restaurant for early dinner with friends.  We already saw two of the friends today because they came to look at the water heater they'd installed.  There seemed to be a leak.  But I guess it's a pipe in the wall.  So a plumber has to come.

"Do plumbers break through walls?" I asked Ming.  Of course they break through walls.  They do whatever it takes to get to the pipes.

Fears vs concerns--getting used to the heat vs learning to live with it.  I like words and sometimes split hairs, but some distinctions I don't understand.  Sometimes it's just semantics.  Not to be confused with seeds.


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