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Saturday, July 04, 2015

desert animal Laura-Marie

We were warned that tonight in our neighborhood, there would be fireworks and gunshots all night.  So we decided to leave town.  We're leaving here in 45 minutes.  We're going out into the desert.

It's nice and cloudy today, and it's only 99 degrees.  A nice reprieve.

I wanted to tell you that last night we tried to experience a little First Friday.  But I was feeling fragile and didn't want to plunge into it completely.  It was hot.  We ate at a restaurant in the arts district.  I was anxious yet glad to be there.  We walked a little through a kind of fair, or a place with booths and people selling stuff, which was not so interesting.

But I liked watching artists paint on huge pieces of wood.  And I saw that nice snake lady street art I posted last night.

Overall I just got my feet wet in First Friday, which is an ever-evolving thing, and maybe in the winter it'll be better for me.

I am changing to a desert animal.  Either the swamp coolers have been working better, or I'm learning to sleep in the heat and how to be happier in the heat.


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