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Sunday, September 06, 2015

like a teenager

This morning we woke up early and drove out to the goddess temple.  We talked to our priestess friend C, who is a really good friend for me.  Then we sang and chanted in the temple.  Then we walked in the desert.  It was all very good for my soul.

New property-mates are here.  There was a misunderstanding about who was supposed to be here when.  I feel overwhelmed.

When we were in Sacramento, we copied all the Mother songs out of a Vedanta choir book, so today I'm doing the work of putting then in plastic sheet protectors, and then we'll need a binder.  The music goes out to the edges of the pages, which is why we need sheet protectors at all.

Then we can sing the Mother songs like crazy.

Our friend is sad.  I don't know if anything could console him.  He is young and has his deposition tomorrow, which I know he's anxious about.  He's frustrated with the world, wants to make a difference, doesn't know how.


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