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Friday, October 23, 2015

spaghetti squash revisited

I microwaved another spaghetti squash.  Our oven oven really needs to be cleaned.  I roasted some potatoes and delicata squash the other day, and the oven smoked for five minutes.  Wtf.

So anyway, I put some salt, garlic powder, and earth balance on the spaghetti squash this time--the magic three.  Still not good.  I've concluded that I don't like spaghetti squash.  I don't know how I can feel good about serving it to the hungry on Sunday.

Also it's a lot of work.  Also I feel like I'm complaining a lot.

This morning we served the hungry.  It was fun--I did bread.  We ran out of bread, though.  The main dish was pasta with tomato sauce and veggies and meat.

Then we walked around a large block.  I don't like going to the track weekday mornings now that school is in again.  There's a school across the street from the track park.  And it's swarming with kids.

My friend G forgot I was interviewing him this morning at 9.  So I called and he and J were at a garage sale.  Or on their way home.  So he'll be here soon.


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