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Friday, November 20, 2015

why facebook makes me feel like crap, the reading as it was, magic beans

Facebook hurts my feelings.

*It tells me terrible things in order to try to manipulate me into action or outrage or whatever.  Instead I feel sickened and usually paralyzed.

*It shows me disturbing things I can do nothing about, like news of friends' parents dying and I don't know the friend that well so don't know how to help, and really reaching out to them would not be appropriate.

*It shows me guilt trippy, chain lettery crap like, "How many of my friends actually take the time to read my status update?  If you read this, comment with one word about your day.  Then leave this status update on your wall so I can do the same.  If you don't follow these instructions, you are not a true friend."

*Pictures of dead people, harmed animals, etc posted by well-meaning armchair activists who care about their cause but not me.

*How good a time everyone's having without me.  And vaguebooking.

Okay, that was my morning rant.  Back to the Taylor-Lai family news.

The reading last night was great.  I went first.  The crowd seemed receptive to me, and Ming says I didn't read too fast.  Five friends came and heard me read, and then two more friends showed up half hour late and missed my reading.  But we shared some nice hugs.

Today's a surprise party for Grouchy John.  We bought him some magic beans from Trader Joe's.  I hope he thinks this is a weird yet fun present.  (I want to buy everyone magic beans.)


  • At November 20, 2015 12:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I use Facebook.

    I never think much about it.

    I wonder if actually it is quite sinister. I had some dealings with a financial organisation in a mid western city. Around that time someone hacked into my Facebook from that same city.

    When I see Mark Zuckerberg I see someone who looks quite scary. I find him quite perturbing.

    If I could press a button and rid the world of Facebook I would. I would probably do the same with the internet (maybe maybe not).

    A lot of people over share on Facebook. I do too sometimes.


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