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Sunday, June 12, 2016

not jelly beans

We had this jar of jelly beans the Easter Bunny brought us.  He brought us a basket on Easter.  And this jar of jelly beans was in it.

But then Ming just now was going to get rid of it and brought it over to me, and I saw I had been wrong.  There were jelly beans in it, but on top of the jelly beans were egg-shaped colorful malt balls.  Oh happy day!

I've been making two cds all afternoon--one for a friend in Oregon and one for a family member.  It's a lot of work, picking the right songs, putting them in the right order.  It's emotional.

Meanwhile, we still need a food grade bucket for storing stuff the mouse might want.  We went to WinCo a few days ago, but they were out.


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