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Monday, July 11, 2016


Today we took it easy.  I napped.  Ming went for a long walk.  I asked him if he had a new appreciation for the route, and he said no.  I said that when I walk a route, I feel a different intimacy with it.  Like walking to the test site.

We ran some errands.  We tried going to the natural history musuem, but they were closed.  Dad said he wanted us to bring him home some bones for the dog--fossils.  I said the stone bones would break the dog's teeth.

I wrote a letter to a friend.  The stuffs of life.

Oh, we went to sushi and spent a small fortune.  It was nice.  I got veggie tempura, avoacdo roll, cucumber roll, and inari.  I thought the avoacdo and cucumer rolls would be really small.  But they were big.  Shoulda took pics.


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