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Thursday, July 07, 2016

happy arrival, bad bathroom dream bathroom, cake days

Yesterday evening we arrived safely at the undisclosed location. 

Today we went to the cafe at the local community college. I wanted a bagel but they didn't have any. So I got really hungry which threw me off. 

Hungry as we looked at everything in the community college's bookstore. I wanted to buy everything but only bought a 69 cent purple pen.

Then I ate snax in the car. Then we went to the public library where I shopped for stationery as I am wont to do. And wrote letters, nice ones. 

The bathroom was a little too exciting. Too many people and motion and abnormalities. Stuff and stuff piled in the disabled stall. People who seemed unhappy or rushed or mistreated. It was kind of like a bad bathroom dream.

Ming and I got into a serious discussion in the car about race and racism and violence and nonviolence. It was intense and I struggled to understand him. 

I remember early in our relationship I would have trouble understanding him and would just kind of nod my head and give him space to be confusing. These years I'm more inquisitive and I hope not demanding. 

Dreaming of special cake but my cake days are over. 


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