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Friday, July 01, 2016


I'm at this really hip cafe called Sunrise. It reminds me of Temple in Sacramento. I had some good times there. My hair probably smells like coffee now. 

Ming is at the big business postie sending out the mailing, the fundraising appeal I wrote a week ago. Almost 2000 people will receive it, a humbling feeling. I believe in the writing, but how many people will consider it junkmail and toss it without reading it?

It's a nice day, only 90 out right now. Yesterday there was flooding from a monsoon. Our friend King Ron saw nine cars that had tried to plow through a megapuddle and didn't make it. We marveled that the drivers wouldn't see the other thwarted cars and desist. 

fear list

wasting money on a failed appeal letter
FBI agents' community outreach

Not bad--only three real fears. 


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