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Thursday, August 18, 2016

blessings for the feet

I ate a moon cake.  It was delicious.

This morning we walked at Lorenzi Park around the lake.  There were night herons (we thought they were green herons).  A muscovy duck with a fish.  And lots of the usual--pigeons, mallards, mourning doves, grackles.

Last night we went to pupusas with our friend M.  He told us a story about these three hitchhikers he picked up who were on meth.  It was a strangely funny story.

I'm reading more of Ask a Mexican! and I can only take it in small bits.  There was some fat hate, which is terrible, but it didn't make we want to throw the book across the room like sometimes happens when I read books with fat hate in them.

The green polish Mom painted on my nails is chipping off.  I liked the green glitter.

We bought Ming some new shoes and hopefully they will be good for his feet.


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