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Thursday, August 11, 2016


Last night I had another teaching dream.  It must be the time of year.

In one part I was teaching and it got dark and the lights wouldn't come on.  Another part had to do with juice.

Yesterday we went out of town to the Krishna cult cafe and I had a smoothie.  Ming had an acai bowl.  A fly bothered us until we left.  I was reading this Steiner-fan magazine called Lilipoh.  I picked it up for free in Boulder, Colorado on that trip we took a few months ago.  At a library.

We switched to scentless things.  It's nice to use Dr Bronner's unscented liquid soap as shampoo.  But Ming says it leaves his hair feeling less clean.

I made sandwiches.  I want to be out today again.  Maybe we should go to the beach.

But I'm waiting for a friend in LA to call me and say we should come to LA to see her.


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