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Friday, September 23, 2016

to do

A big event starts this evening, Justice For Our Desert.  I can't believe it's today.

Today I need to do a shit ton more shopping--I'm responsible for shopping for three breakfasts, three dinners, and a lunch.  We expect 20 people at each meal.

I bought some rolls yesterday at Costco that are not vegan.  I momentarily forgot that everything has to be vegan.

Tomorrow I'm leading a desert appreciation exercise and speaking on a panel.  Other days I'm singing a Mother song and preparing lunch.

1.  get easel with paper and sharpie
2.  make lyrics sheet for Jaya Jaya Janani
3.  shop till I drop
4.  prep veggies on Sunday
5.  organize ingredients into different boxes for the different people who need them
6.  deliver ingredients
7.  let King Ron know when to come over to make dinner Monday
8.  grind flax seeds and teach R how to make a fake egg out of ground flax seeds


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