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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Writer's Block

This morning I have a 7:30 phone date.  I need a walk.  I need to peace vigil at the federal building at 9.

Yesterday we went to my favorite bookstore Writer's Block.  We brought my bestie, who's in town but is going home today.  She loved it too.  I showed her the mailbox for King Pigeon.  We talked about adopting an artificial bird.  She said it would be too much work.

I was up before 5 and feel sleepy.  Making tea...!


  • At September 22, 2016 8:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Today's peace vigil outside the Federal building should be good. Maybe we will Facebook Livestream it. That would be new.

    The Writer's Block is indeed a great bookstore. Good choice to share it with E. I was glad we have our zines there and very glad that they are selling. I am looking forward to their next zine event.

    Sorry King Pidgeon of The Writer's Block was less than cordial to your last message you put in the mailbox a while ago. Maybe King Pidgeon would be nicer if it knows we could be Yelp reviewing it ?

    I am looking forward to the Justice for our Desert event, both to have it and to have it be a success. We need to go shopping for the food today for feeding the participants of the event.

    Darn, I just thought, maybe I should have Livestreamed from the Narrows.

    I love you !!!


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