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Thursday, September 29, 2016

vigil as it was

Vigil was mellow.  Someone yelled we should get a job, someone flipped us off.  But mostly it was nice.  Lotsa honks.

Then our friends King Ron and SJ and T showed up.  SJ dropped off King Ron, stopping in the middle of the street, stopping traffic.

So Ming and King Ron held a giant Food Not Bombs banner as SJ and T parked.  SJ and T ended up arriving at 9:55 and the vigil ends at 10.  T held a sign I had never seen before that said ARREST KILLER COPS.

Then it was 10 and we held hands and prayed.  Then we walked back to our vehicles, and J was clowning with something she found on the street.  She didn't know what it was.  "It's a glowstick," Ming told her.

"Raver kids like to put them in their mouths and chew on them while they're high on ecstasy," R said.

So J put the glowstick in her mouth and chewed on it, which I still can't believe.  Then they drove off.

Ming and I tried to go to the Beat.  We heard it was closing in October.  But we were wrong--it was gone already.

Ming went to Walmart to buy chips because it's guacamole day and finger cots because J cut her thumb badly.  Then we delivered those and a bunch of leftover JFOD fruit, and Ming happened to see glowsticks for 79 cents, so he bought J a red one.


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