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Thursday, October 06, 2016


We went to the goddess temple yesterday early in the morning.  We walked in the desert then sang in the temple.  It was our retreat.  Then we went to the guesthouse.  I wrote three letters and enjoyed life.  We ate cold leftover pizza.

We did a little work for the priestess and made plans to return next week so Ming can make a rabbit fence for the new orchard.  A new fridge was being delivered, so we took everything off the old fridge, including the poetry magnets, which were mostly stuck on.

Then we napped.  Then we had dinner.  Ming got some rice from the priestess.  We forgot our rice.  I had canned dal and Ming had canned chili.

Then the new fridge was delivered.  The worker had put the fridge door on the wrong side so had to fix it.  Ming and the priestess cleaned out behind where the old fridge was, cleaned out the mouse poop.  I had seen a mouse in the kitchen a few hours earlier.  I was afraid of seeing more.

Then we went to bed and I slept poorly because of pain from my pinched nerve.  (When she was here, our friend K said I should try chiropracty.)  I finally took some advil around 11:30.

We were going to walk early but it was too cold, so in the morning we packed up and left.  I put a donation for the temple in an envelope and wrote a note to the priestess.  I said we love her.


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