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Thursday, December 15, 2016

miracle problems

Last night I went to bed so early, flippin' early, that I was awake before 5 this morning.  Ming was up watching a movie on his computer.  Now he's setting up NDE's new printer.  I folded appeal letters, stuffed envelopes, sealed envelopes with purple gluestick...

Now we're listening to David Bowie.  This morning we have a peace vigil.  This afternoon we have a folding party in the back house.  Ming skipped serving this morning, and it seems R slept through it.  His truck's still outside.

We ate some tree collards from the backyard, good to eat them before bugs do.  I remember our Las Vegas friends who came to Sacramento to help us move, how they marveled at a sidewalk snail and took pictures of it.  No snails in the desert, but we have other miracle problems.


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