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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

no flower, no time

I ran out of one of my meds.  I erred.  But my doctor person has a policy.  When you're out, you're out.  She won't refill until she sees you.

So I had an appointment for tomorrow but they canceled it and gave me one for 4 today.  But we needed to give Brian Terrell a ride to his talk.  So we went early to my appointment.  But we waited for an hour.  4 came and went.  At 4:40 I was like, we can't wait anymore.

But my other appointment was canceled, and there was no way to re-get it.  So we talked with the desk people, and they were upset with me.  But it's ridiculous.  If a 4 appointment means nothing.

So we were driving away and a worker ran out into the parking lot, waving for us to stop.  "Martha will see you right now," she said.

So I returned to the office.  Martha took a while wrestling with her computer to do the refills.  And she wrote them out on paper in case the pharmacy didn't get them.  I was like, holy shit, Brian Terrell.  Time ticked.

I was back in the car and felt so bad.  We were going to be way late.  Brian was supposed to be at the community center at 5:30.  But it was almost 5 and we weren't home yet.  And rush hour traffic.  And blame.

I txted Brian Terrell while Ming drove.  I was anxious.

When we finally arrived at home, Brian smiled at me.  I don't think he hates me.  I said, "Good luck.  You're going to do great!  So sorry."

So now he must have just started his talk.  Hopefully not too frazzled.  I had wanted to give him a flower for his buttonhole on his shirt but that didn't happen.


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