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Saturday, January 28, 2017

seven swans

This morning, bed exerted a force.  I had a hard time.  But I got up.  I dressed and made a sandwich for me, a sandwich for Ming.  We went to the Catholic Worker house.  We gathered and prayed.

Then we went to the serving site.  I did towels.  Ming did bread.

Then we went back to the Catholic Worker house.  I rinsed pots.  I talked to the pot washer.  I told him Ming and I don't really do Valentine's Day.  We do our anniversary instead.

Then we had our usual Saturday morning meeting.  Then we broke--braked? breaked?--and went upstairs in the other house to the prayer room for a visioning meeting.  We hashed things out.

Now we're home.  I made rice and tea.  I'm listening to Sufjan Stevens' album Seven Swans, which I haven't listened to completely in a long time.


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