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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Yesterday we took our time driving from Las Vegas to Sedona.  We stopped a few times.  We had frozen yogurt in Flagstaff, Italian food in Kingman.  It was fun.  It was rainy sometimes.  Ming bought us new windshield wipers at a Walmart in Flagstaff and put on the left one.

Then the sun was going down, and there were all sorts of clouds.  Some were bright pink.  It looked so beautiful, I told Ming that it looked unreal, like a bad painting, like a unicorn was going to jump over a rainbow.  This pic of course does not do it justice.

Then I saw a light glowing to my right as we drove along, and I was like, What the hell is that?  Then I looked up and saw it was the moon reflected in roadside puddles.

So that was magical.  Then we checked in at our fancy hotel.  I'd heard they'd try to sell us a timeshare but we were steadfast, refusing to fill out the raffle ticket for a Visa gift card.  She acted like we were pretty weird, which we are.

At night while I slept Ming went into the hot tub, which doesn't close until 10.  He tells me it was lightly raining.


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