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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Public Enemy

Yesterday I got ready to write a grant for NDE but today I don't feel up to it.  I could postpone writing it until April, when it's due.  Maybe I should.  Tomorrow we leave on our trip.

I found some fun stuff to do in Phoenix, but sometimes fun is expensive.  Tucson too.

We get to see our other friend in New Mexico, which is nice.  Our two New Mexico friends will meet, which seems like a clashing of worlds, but maybe they'll get along great.  Who knows?

Today we have lots to do but I don't want to do most of it.  I want to relax and listen to music.  Ming has a dental cleaning at 9, and I will sit in the car.  We have a meeting with our friend J at 10:30.  Creech vigil in the afternoon which I think I'll skip, and community dinner is somewhere else.  Don't wanna go.

My Public Enemy cds never came in at the library--I think I'll miss them because they'll come in while we're away.


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