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Monday, May 15, 2017

five for a dollar

The five apricots I bought at the Roots community garden event--they are so good.  I've eaten four.  The fifth is sitting on the counter waiting for me.

Just had some avocado toast for breakfast.  It was great.

Woke up early and talked to a friend on my phone.  Posted something about grief on facebook.

I have a sore throat.  I haven't been sick in a long time.  If I am sick, that's ok.

I've been writing poems like crazy.

I hope you're doing things you want to do.


  • At May 15, 2017 6:30 AM, OpenID rkmlai said…

    I love you !

    Glad you are enjoying the apricots from the Marketplace at the Vegas Roots event.

    This morning I did things I wanted to have done.

    Washed the two big hotel pans from the LVCW TVP pasta we served at the Food Not Bombs Las Vegas mealshare from yesterday. It seemed that everyone enjoyed eating the ziti pasta.

    Started the laundry load, dumped the trash and recycling.

    Found a shelf part to the freezer and washed it off such that it can be reinserted into usefulness.

    General cleaned up of stuff.

    I had the other half of the avocado and am now enjoying corn.

    Hope you are not sick and that it passes soon and with ease.

    I love you !


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