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Saturday, May 13, 2017


I cooked up some cute little vegan sausages for my breakfast.  Ming is serving the hungry.  I served a couple days ago so am taking today off.

But there's a meeting I need to go to.  I dread it because there was also a meeting yesterday and there was some drama.  I feel like a bad pumpkin.  But I gotta be me.  Putting the brakes on a project everyone else wanted to move forward with.  It's about community.

I am still feeling out what it means to be in community and for community to change.  I had a lot of feelings.  I have a lot of feelings.  I don't always know which ones to listen to or what they all mean.  But I try.

Today after the meeting there's something like a farmers market at the Roots community garden.  Ming and I wanted to table for NDE there but were a day late asking for a table.  Maybe next time.

Or maybe next time it'll be the middle of June and too hot.  Ming called to ask me a question.  King Ron's phone broke and a new one is on its way.


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