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Thursday, July 06, 2017


Yesterday in the afternoon I got really hot and suffered, lying in bed with two fans blowing on me, wondering if I was going to die.  It was 92 degrees in our house, with both swamp coolers going.  I needed a way to get cool but was at a loss.  I got overheated in the car when we turned off the air conditioner because the car was accelerating sluggishly.

Then I dozed a little and felt somewhat better.  Got up and ate some dinner--english muffin, yogurt.

This morning Ming has gone to serve the hungry with Catholic Worker.  It's hotdog day.  There's lots to do, like folding appeal letters.  We have peace vigil at 9 and then I have a doctors appointment then Ming has one.

I was in a drugstore and a little larva bit me on my wrist.  It was like a ladybug larva but white with green, I think, as opposed to black with orange.  It hurt a little.  Since then it's been itchy.  It's been three days.  The spot you can't even see something's wrong, but there's a bump if you feel it with your fingers.

Today's supposed to hit 112 again.  It's bad to be home.


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