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Saturday, August 12, 2017


Ming and I went to Gay Pride here in Santa Maria.  I got a cute free button that says SHE HER HERS.  Ming didn't feel the need to assert his pronouns, apparently.

We also got signs for the NDE bathrooms that say GENDER NEUTRAL.  Same booth--nice people.

"I wonder if there will be protesters," I said beforehand.  This is Santa Maria after all.

Sure enough, as we walked back to the car I saw fliers on people's cars.

"Someone's putting fliers on the cars that say, 'God loves you,'" I told Ming.

"Oh, that's good," Ming said.

"Well, there's some fine print," I added.

Later, after a trip to Trader Joe's for veg, Ming asked me to tell him something hopeful.  The music on our car stereo was a song about Shiva.

"That god's not got any fine print," Ming said.

"Shiva likes that sort of thing," I said.


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