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Saturday, October 28, 2017

friends make the best medicine

Gmorning.  How are you?  I'm up early.

Had a beautiful dream about moving into a house where women mental health zinesters lived.  I started talking to this woman who's a mental health zinester I used to know through the mail--she lives in England.  She seemed sad and upset but I helped her feel better.  I was going to give her some zines.

Someone came up to me with one of my zines that had binding that had fallen apart.  So I said I'd rebind it.

Last night was political prisoner letter writing night.  It was okay.  There were six of us.

Tonight's the communist Russian-themed party.  They changed the time to 6 pm  to midnight.  So we can go earlier if we want to.  I'm all ready to wear my red dress.


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