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Thursday, October 12, 2017

hard times require furious dancing

This morning I just wanted to keep dreaming.  But Ming woke me up to say goodbye before he went to serve the hungry.  He didn't want to go serve the hungry.  But there's this guy who got his glasses smashed on the soup line, and Ming volunteered to take him to get new glasses.

Lotsa good stuff happened yesterday.  We went to the Goddess Temple where I sang and prayed.  We gave a nice old lady a ride to the airport.  She said she loved us like last year.  We had lunch with a new friend and her three-year-old.  We went to this art supply store in Henderson where we spent a small fortune.

I'm making this new zine and decided to do a fancy cover.  So Ming is going to carve a linoleum block with the zine's title and a picture of a grackle.  We're printing the covers on raspberry cardstock.

So wish us luck!  I'm listening to the Mountain Goats, a cd I checked out from the library.

I feel unresponded to.  I send countless emails that get no reply.  I am pretty fastidious about replying to people, myself.  But I do have those two emails from September sitting in my inbox.

Oh, and I changed my sig file--amazing.  It had been the same for a couple years, I think.


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