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Sunday, May 14, 2006


My dad gave us a wireless router months ago that we could never get to work. Then our friend Scott told us we didn't need one and that using an ethernet card we could get one of the computers to act as a router.... Scott could do this, but not us, so that never worked out.

Today we went to Fry's again and got a new router and a cable, and Erik's been trying for hours, without success. It looked like my CD ROM drive pooped out, so he switched out the CD ROM drives, but even the functioning CD ROM drive isn't functioning in my computer. Basically, my computer is bad!!!!

Poor Erik is very frustrated. I need to make his dinner, shower, and go to vespers. I've been reading all day and am almost finished with Sociopath Next Door which is an awesome book of very important information that I want to give to everyone I know.


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