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Monday, May 19, 2008

wishes, horses, beggars

Tonight Erik's at a Buddhist meeting. I'm tired early. I posted at The Icarus Project tonight after not posting for months, I think. I got someone wanting to trade me zines, there.

Erik's prompt scored out this morning--mine will score out tomorrow. We spent some time together just doing nothing, which was nice, to the say the least. I read him the first few pages of Trout Fishing in America. My best friend's ex best friend's brother changed his name to Trout Fishing in America. I told Erik, "The least you can do is read it. The most you can do is memorize it."

Erik made up a new name for himself: Shiver Dog. He made up that name after I was biting his ear.

Also, not tonight but yesterday, we made up a new game that goes like this. "I'm going to pinch you until you say 'ow.'" "Ow." I wanted to try to draw a comic of this for candy or medicine, but I can't draw. But I want to keep trying to think of something to draw for candy or medicine.

Some people outside are being loud. I wish people would be loud in the privacy of their own homes. Or better yet, I wish everyone were as quiet as I am. (If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.)

Today we finished watching a DVD of an old movie adaptation of Anna Karenina. We got it from the library. It kinda sucked, which is fine. I got to eat popcorn. But now I think when I read Anna Karenina again, I'll have those actors in my head. We'll see.


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