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Monday, April 16, 2012

Fresno then Sheep Ranch Catholic Worker Farm

Yesterday we drove from Las Vegas to Sheep Ranch Catholic Worker Farm. M and Pegasus drove. We started in the desert and passed through snow in Tehachapi, snow by the road, and finally arrived in a coniferous forest.

We stopped in Fresno at Forestiere Underground Gardens. Someone long ago wanted to be a citrus farmer, and he bought a lot of land, but the hardpan prevented him from farming it. So he started breaking the hardpan into pieces and building underground living space. It included skylights and citrus trees.

No one else seemed to notice that the orange trees were blooming. The fragrance makes me feel drunk. Some grapefruit trees were blooming too. We took a tour. I wanted more garden, less living space.

We arrived at Sheep Ranch Catholic Worker Farm at night after so much getting lost. The farm is hard to find. We were welcomed with hugs and dinner. I met S and T and C. They were very kind, and I was very tired. I slept soundly on a futon in the livingroom.

In the morning we had breakfast together. I was in charge of frying the potatoes. We held hands to pray.

Then we took a tour of the farm, and we pulled purple-flowered weeds. I retired early to help with lunch. The bread was still a little bit frozen, so T set it out on a tray, and I took it out to the deck so I could guard it from birds as it warmed / defrosted in the sun.

So we had lunch together then left for Sacramento. We didn't get lost--to Lodi and took the 99 north to Elk Grove then Sacramento where we convened at M's house. He put the last of the pictures on his computer and gave me my camera back.

I will post some wonderful pictures tomorrow.


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