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Thursday, April 19, 2012

M at McKinley Park

I'm totally disoriented by how light it's getting. It was almost time for my best friend in New York to go to bed, but it felt like the middle of the afternoon here. And now it's our bedtime here but feels too early.

Today I saw M. We met at my favorite park. He showed me the parts of his bike and explained everything to me, offered to let me ride too. I declined. I feel like I love him more now that I understand a little about his bike. Visit M's livejournal blog.


We walked the park's perimeter slowly. Then we had lunch at a picnic table near the tennis courts--I'd made tofurky sandwiches with mustard and vegan mayo and CSA lettuce. I ate an organic granny smith apple. And we had carrots, which was like a joke because carrots is one of the main foods we lived on during our time in Nevada. Oh, I can't help but grieve that our time in Nevada is over.

We walked around the duck pond and looked for the three goslings I'd seen earlier, but they were no where to be found. We sat together on a bench and talked in the shade.

Then I noticed he was falling asleep--he got too sleepy to ride his bike home, and we nestled it into the trunk of my Blazer. I drove us to his house, which was too much excitement for me, seeing as I am not really a driver. He helped a lot, telling me where to turn, listening to me think out loud about the stop signs, and when there was construction, he helped me understand what lane I was allowed to be in.

At his place, I parked in the middle of the alley. He locked his bike up in a shed. "Do you want to see the garden?" he asked. I pretended I had not already seen the garden. He showed me some baby tomato plants. He invited me upstairs, and I wanted to go upstairs, but I didn't feel comfortable leaving my truck blocking the alley.

So I drove home on the 16 and felt like I could do anything.


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