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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Doom Dong

Tonight we went to the Press Club to hear Doom Dong. That's the band of my best friend's brother Dan Weiss. I hadn't been to a rock concert in more than ten years. Doom Dong is made of band members who live in LA and Minnesota. So hearing them perform is a rare treat.

I loved the music of the first band. I think they were called Instagon. I liked the barefooted trumpet player and how he jumped. I liked to feel the music in my body, it was so loud. But Erik wanted to move away from the stage, so we sat, and I texted Dan to let him know we were there. We drank orange juice with ice.

Dan found us, and we went outside to talk. He was soon joined by his bandmate Jason, and later the dummer came out too. We spoke of the default Portland, pirate movies, the blooming jasmine we could smell from down the street.

Then we all went back inside when it was time for Doom Dong to play. I was so impressed by their energy and power. Erik and I stood near the stage again. Little lights twinkled on us. I was alert to every note and watched the musicians with a lot of pleasure as they performed.

Afterward we bought a cd for $7 and hugged Dan and Jason goodbye. Dan apologized for being sweaty. He was having voice problems and had squirted lemon juice down his throat from time to time. They have to be in Olympia by tomorrow night. Good luck, Doom Dong!


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