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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

vigil at Creech Airforce Base

Today we vigiled at Creech. We held signs to be viewed by the people driving in and out of the airforce base. The signs were about peace, and some said things about drones, unmanned planes that kill people in other countries, and the government doesn't report how many civilians are killed. Someone yelled, "Morning, faggots!" our their car window. We got some headshakes and got flipped off, but we also got some waves and peace signs. It felt really got to know that the airforce base workers were affected by us, and maybe we planted small seeds of peace.

It was beautiful to be in a group of people. It felt meaningful and vivid to share our views and energy with the workers at Creech. Four members of our group were arrested for civil disobedience. It was moving to see their enthusiasm for being arrested, and I felt love for them.

One of our leaders spoke through an electronic megaphone to us and to the people in their vehicles passing by. I liked when he told the drone pilots to stand down because it was using heir own military language. And I liked when he said, "They're not bugsplat, they're people," though it's upsetting to even think about that. Some military personnel refer to civilian casualties as blugsplat.

Then we got back to the goddess temple where we're staying. I'm camped out near my friend M who brought me here in the first place. He showed me the temple, and it was beautiful. I looked at the statues and the small items placed with the statues--the candles and rocks. I signed the guestbook, thanking the goddess for life. I looked at some desert art and the maypole which was from a ship, a ship that was found out in the desert.

I'm dirty from not taking a shower for days and happy to have had today's authentic experiences.


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