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Sunday, September 30, 2012

poetry reading and kirtan

We went to a poetry reading.  The featured reader was late.  He got stuck in traffic.  He is someone I heard read years ago, a taxi driver from San Francisco, Joe Donohoe.  I've got his card right here on my keyboard to remind me to visit his website.  Years ago when he was at Luna's, he read an amazing poem about driving gypsies on New Year's Eve.  This time he read an amazing poem about finding a dead motorcyclist on a bridge.  The Rasputin one was pretty cool too.

Also an important pravrajika is visiting, and Thursday night there was a women-only program at V's house that involved kirtan singing.  It was amazing.  There was so much energy in the room.  I don't usually talk about energy like that, but I can't help it.  In this case, really--the room was thrumming with it.

What else?  I've received some beautiful letters and shared lunch with good people.  Thanks, friends.


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