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Thursday, October 11, 2012

zombie baby area

Today we did some shredding for an organization I will not name.  It was okay because we limited it to just an hour.  Also, my machine didn't jam (but did overheat).

Yesterday we did something new--we went to a Halloween store.  Have you ever been to one?  I was most fascinated by the zombie babies.  There was a whole zombie baby area.  We were looking for crows to replace the two crows we needed to give back to Ming's friend whose house we housesat while it was being foreclosed.  We took two crows because we thought she was losing all that stuff.  Anyway, she wanted them back.

The Halloween store had three crows.  Only one was acceptable, but it was $12, and I was not interested in paying that much for a fake crow.  With real feathers.  And that shit's not vegan!

Anyway, I recommend visiting a Halloween store as a cultural lesson in Halloween.

Oh, and I wanted to say I want the job of writing scripts for talking scarecrow statues with light up eyes.  And I was daydreaming about working at a Halloween store and how hell that would be, with the screaming kids and stinky masks and nightmare material.


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