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Saturday, December 15, 2012

the lost blog post I just found

note: This is from Tuesday.

This morning we went for a walk for an hour.  We almost got to Stockton and Broadway.  We were looking for a particular church where there's a food bank food giveaway second Tuesday of every month.  But I forgot the name of the church, and I thought if I saw it I would remember, so we walked more than a mile looking for the church and didn't find it.  So we turned around and walked back home.

What did we find?  Conversation, the pleasure of moving through space and time, holding hands.

Then in the afternoon Ming needed to attend a class near where I used to live, so we went there.  I thought the class would last a long time, but it was just an hour.  I was in Safeway buying a few things when he called to say he was done.  I had been to Joanne's for baby pink embroidery thread too.  And the dollar store, where I looked at soaps and all manner of things but bought nothing.

At night we went to the food bank food giveaway.  We got apples, butternut squash, a leek, a head of iceberg lettuce, some rainbow chard, other fruit, a little milk, and some canned goods.  We also got some half and half.  I guess I'll put it in some soup at the end.  They tried to give us a ham and we said no.  We were the 200th family to get food.  We all had numbers. 


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