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Friday, January 11, 2013


Last night we went to a mini-maker fair at the museum.  It was fun to look around and hear the band Be Brave Bold Robot play. 

It was fun to look at some California art I'd never seen on the third floor, the Norman Rockwell exhibit, a Nepal exhibit. 

It was fun to participate in a "Community Collage" where people all collaged on the same page.  I wanted to go back after an hour to see how it had progressed, but we never made it back.  I contributed some red lines, some small pink rectangles, and some deep blue triangles.

We saw people painting rocks, and I liked looking at the finished rocks, which were drying on paper plates.  I liked looking at the people's names on the paper plates too.  Someone was named Holden.

Ming liked the knitting machines.  I did too.  I told him, "We totally could have been selling zines here," and he said back that we could have been making zines there.  We had spent half an hour or so binding zines at home earlier in the day.

We took light rail there and back, and I liked the train rides.  A worker asked to see our tickets, which I don't think had happened to me before.  I have ridden light rail only a few times.  I showed him the two tickets I had in my pocket.  He tapped the correct one with a pen.

It was good to be out at night and see the stars in the sky, cold but not unbearably so.


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