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Friday, January 04, 2013

clothing distribution

Today we helped with a Catholic Worker clothing distribution, something neither of us had ever done before.  First we helped carry bags and boxes of stuff out of a big shed onto a huge blue tarp that was spread in the yard.  (The chickens had been herded to a corner of the yard and fenced off with orange plastic fence.)  Then we opened up the bags and boxes and spread the contents out so people could see them.  There were a lot of clothes, but there was household stuff too.

Then locals were allowed in, five at a time, and allowed five items each.  They had been standing in line on the sidewalk for a long time. 

Ming and I watched them choose stuff.  Then there was a free-for-all.  Then it was toy time.  They moved the unwanted cosas to one half of the huge blue tarp, and we got the bags of toys.  They were mostly stuffed animals, but there were all kinds of toys, including two spiderman costumes.  We unpacked and spread out the toys. 

Then all the kids lined up, and each kid was allowed one toy.  There weren't as many tears as I thought there would be.  The kids seemed mostly happy with their toys.  One little girl told me, "Mira!" and showed me her pink princess toy cellphone.  I smiled.


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