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Sunday, April 14, 2013

musician tipping, gardening with Mom, interview, albondigas, left behind beer

Yesterday we went to the farmers market in Arroyo Grande.  My dad gave me $20.  We bought mandarins, an amaryllis, snap peas, English peas, and the best type of prunes (Muir Beauty).  We sat in the sun eating tamales and listening to the musician.  My mom gave me a dollar to give the musician, and I handed it to Ming to give the musician, who paused to say thank you during his song as Ming put the dollar in the jar.

Then we went to Avila Barn where I fed the goats carrot tops and the English peas pods.  In the car we ate the English peas, and they were large and delicious.  At the Barn we ate fresh roasted corn.  There were little black baby pigs in the pigpen.

This morning we gardened.  Mom's putting in her summer garden.  Today we planted radish seeds, squash seeds, beans, and Navajo popcorn.  Yesterday we planted tomatoes, poblanos, and strawberries.  Today we made structures for the beans to grow on.  They are Christmas lima beans, some huge purple beans, and some green beans from the store.  The Christmas lima beans and purple beans Mom got at a workshop.  She gave some to us too, so we can plant some.

I am being interviewed by a friend.  I will post a link as soon as it's up.  I worked on the interview last night and this morning, and I'm happy with the words I came up with.

Last night we made albondigas.  We made two pots--a veggie version using Trader Joe's beefless ground beef, and real turkey for Mom and Dad's.  This is a Mexican meatball soup.  It was Ming's first time having it, and it was my first time in years.  I roasted the poblanos, which smells so good.  We had a hard time keeping our veggie meatballs together.  The end result was so good, but the meat seemed too real!

I think today we'll make pumpkin empanadas.  When my brother was here, he left a beer.


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