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Friday, April 19, 2013

turoring, pickle problems, our pizza

Yesterday I tutored my friend S.  We talked about her compare and contrast essay, I read a story portion, and we talked about her cause and effect essay.  It was productive.  Then Ming and I showed her the garden out back, and she liked it.  Ming picked collard greens for her. 

In the evening we had Nepalese food with our friend A.  I ate some delicious malai kofta.  But the veg of the day was poor, and I found the dal inedible.  Ming had pickle problems though he tried.  Conversation was good.  We talked about ghosts and aliens, A's girlfriend, A's job, some shows, and individualistic vs communal societies.  I got tired.

Yesterday for lunch I made pizza.  It was mushroom and bell pepper pizza with Trader Joe's crust and tomato sauce from a can.  Soon we will make moussaka.  I picked up this cookbook at a cafe in San Luis Obispo when we were driving home from our latest trip.  It's a vegetarian moussaka, obviously.


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