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Friday, May 24, 2013


Last night I was lying in bed.  Ming was in the bathroom brushing his teeth.  And then the bed was moving.  I thought, "I must be really dizzy.  But it really does feel like the bed is moving."  Then I thought it must have been an earthquake. 

"Did you feel an earthquake just now?" I asked Ming, and he said no.  Then I looked up at the ceiling fan's pull-thing (what do you call those?) and it was still moving.  So I was convinced it was an earthquake, but Ming looked online and there was nothing. 

But in the morning Ming looked it up differently and saw it was a five point something near Susanville, which is pretty far away. 

I've felt several earthquakes in my life.  Some felt like a jolt to the building, as if the building got hit by a car.  I felt the big one during that world series baseball game in San Francisco when I was a kid--felt it all the way in Santa Maria. 

I don't like them.  But they can't be stopped.  They are interesting at least.


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