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Monday, May 20, 2013

the story called yesterday

Yesterday we went to the East Bay and got vegan donuts.  I told Ming he was a Berkeley cliche, with his long hair, tie dye, permaculture book under his arm, walking into a vegan donut shop!

Then we went to the marina and walked to the end of the pier.  We looked at graffiti and empty boxes of calamari that fisherpeople were using as bait.

Then we went to see Ming's kids.  It was low stress.  We ate lunch at Saturn Cafe, Ming and me and the younger of the kids.  He's about to graduate from high school and is a charming person--with lots of sunglasses, playing with lanyards, wearing bright shoes.  Then I went to a cafe while those two went to a Japanese festival and met with the older of the kids.  So I never saw the older kid.

Then Ming and I went to Oakland to the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse, and I bought some postcards for specific people and some envelopes.

Then we came home at a decent hour.  The neighbor told Ming that two tomato plants are growing out the sides of this plastic box that has compost from our compost pile in it.

And that's the story called yesterday.


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