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Sunday, May 26, 2013

late spring backyard garden today

Ming took some garden pics for me and for you. 

First are the sunchokes.  There are growing in this pot that doesn't drain well.  They're in with what look like some dead tree collards, but they are just sleeping.

Here is our grapevine.  Its name is Fig Tree.  Doesn't it look lush and great?

Here's bed six.  You can see the huge lemon verbena in the back.  It was just a cute little organic start last year...  And you can see some onions on the left, a tree collard on the right, some buckwheat in the middle.

And here's bed five, a good late afternoon picture of it with the carrot flowers in front, some tree collards on the right, Fig Tree in back, some buckwheat, a marigold.  Can't see the vibrantly blooming bright pink yarrow which is to the right of the collards.


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